Cardio Test INFAI®

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Reveals the risk of heart attack and stroke, preserves life and improves its quality

Heart attack and stroke are among the most common causes of death in today’s population and far exceed all other diseases. CardioTest INFAI® test uses nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and detects the exact number and size of the bad cholesterol particles (LDL-P) in the blood. It is this dangerously increased number of these particles that causes atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of heart attack and stroke. It is important to know that the classic cholesterol test is important, but it cannot determine the size and the number of these particles. Approximately 30 % of people with normal cholesterol levels are in danger of heart attack and stroke, especially due to the increased number of dangerous particles of bad cholesterol.

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There are more than 160 000 kilometers of blood vessels in adult human bodies. And we are as healthy as is the every millimetre of them. There wouldn't be any working organ in the body without healthy blood vessels.

Atherosclerosis is a serious threat to the proper functioning of blood vessels even within the young generation. Blood vessels are getting clogged due to the plaques caused by small fatty particles, especially by that ones generally known as bad LDL cholesterol. The vessels are not able to provide the proper blood flow, getting continually narrow and the real threat is considered to be heart attack or brain stroke. Unfortunately, these are usually fatal endings. Up to 30% of us face this threat.

Even though we have the cholesterol level in normal range.We are not usually aware of the fact that the high amount of small dense particles of bad cholesterol slowly clog our blood vessels and increase the risk of sudden collapse. Despite these facts we let our heart and brain run longterm, with no control whatsoever. We rely on the fact that this will not be our case. But it easily could be us! To check whether our blood vessels are threatened by layering of an increased amount of LDL bad cholesterol particles (LDL-P) and therefore predict the risk of heart attack and brain stroke is no problem nowadays.

A simple blood sample is enough. Out of this sample within the special Cardio Test, there are 29 crucial parameters assessed, especially LDL particles of bad cholesterol, that predict to which extent we are threatened by the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. So, NMR spectroscopy, known as well as nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy accurately measures the amount and size of dangerous particles of bad cholesterol. Once having increased amount of them that increases high the risk of clogging up the blood vessels which consequently blocks the proper blood flow to important body organs. Cardio Test is a unique tool using the nuclear magnetic resonance of blood sample, checks quickly and painlessly the status that is not able to be found out through standard medical checkups of cholesterol levels. It reveals the individual risk of cardiovascular disease, especially the risk of heart attack and brain stroke.

Think about yourself – think prevention!

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Payment method

CardioTest INFAI® is not covered by mandatory public health insurance. Each test costs € 300, without VAT. The price for a CardioTest includes the entire examination but if the blood sample is taken and serum processed in an independent laboratory, there is an extra charge for it. Please choose appropriate payment method for respective country:

Slovak republic
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If any sample is damaged, another sample will be taken. There is no charge for such a sample. The first appointment is free of charge, in case of no-show, additional fee off 20 € is applied.

Cardio Test INFAI® is carried out in cooperation with Numares and Allmedical s. r. o..

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CardioTest INFAI® can detect the hidden risk of heart attack and stroke in time and pushes laboratory cholesterol testing a few decades ahead.

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